Mariachi Plaza

de Los Angeles

For charitable purposes, the Mariachi Plaza Festival Foundation (MPFF) is a Non-profit Public Benefit 501(c)(3) Corporation. Our specific mission is to raise public awareness, promote community education, and preserve the means of the Mariachi by sharing culturally related music and artwork to the public.

Historically, Pleasant Avenue., in the city of Boyle Heights was designated to become 'Mariachi Plaza de Los Angeles Avenue' or the ' the Plaza' (pedestrian mall with Kiosko). Since 1989, the 'Plaza' has been home to the Mariachi Festival and Fiesta de Santa Cecília. Today, the event celebrates nearly thirty-three years of tradition.

Mariachi Plaza de Los Angeles is a unique, cultural gem that raised support to the community through the efforts of the City of Los Angeles and special donation of ‘Kiosko by El Gobierno del Estado de Jalisco’, Mexico. The design and creation of the 'the Plaza' began with the donation of the Kiosko was given with honor and encouragement to imbue the history of Mariachi music and Mexican folklore.

In 1992, architects Frank Villalobos and William Villalobos of Barrio Planners Incorporated and Henry Gonzalez of Metropolitan Transit Authority traveled to the State of Jalisco, Mexico to receive the Kiosko from the Governor whom donated the Mariachi Plaza Kiosko to the City of Los Angeles.

In 1994, the community addition created a pivotal moment for Boyle Heights. The decisions made during this time inspired to begin the creative process of the iconic Mariachi Plaza de Los Angeles Pedestrian Mall and Kiosko.

In 1998, Mariachi Plaza was dedicated as a cultural center by efforts of the and Barrio Planners Incorporated, City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, and Metropolitan Transit Authority.